Points, Statuses & Privileges

If you participate on Wikilerts and behave like a good citizen, you earn points. For example...

...reporting an accurate alert earns you a minimum of 2 points (the larger the community, the more points)

...reviewing an alert correctly will earn you 1 point

...inviting your friends to Wikilerts will earn you 5 points (for every friend who signs up)

Antisocial behavior (e.g., reporting incorrect alerts) will get you negative points, spamming gets you banned.

The points will determine your status on the platform...

Rising star

...which will decide on your privileges.

For example, a higher status will allow you to:

Send out alerts directly without the need to review them, getting your message out to the community faster

Choose to also receive unverified alerts (getting you informed faster)

Add a personal note to your alert (advertising is ok too, as long as it’s in-line with our guidelines)

...and several other privileges – get upgraded and you’ll see :)

Start collecting points by inviting your friends – you’ll do them a favor too!

(You’ll get 5 points for every friend who joins!)