What is Wikilerts?

“Wikilerts” is a combination of the words “Wiki” (community-driven content) and “Alerts”.

On Wikilerts users set up “alert communities” where members inform each other so that nobody misses out on important stuff.

How does it work?

First a user (anybody) launches an alert community to which others can join.

Alert if
X happens

If any one of the community members (or outsiders) gets to know relevant information, they report an alert.

Selected community members get asked to check if the alert is correct (to prevent spam).

If confirmed, the alert gets sent out to all community members.

What can I use it for?

You can use Wikilerts for almost any (specific) happening you’d like to get alerted about.

For example, join existing or set up new communities to get alerted if...

Most alert communities are very specific, thereby preventing information overload so that you only get alerted about the things you care. For more background information and range of applications please visit our blog.

What are "points"?

Users collect points for good behavior (e.g. reporting or reviewing alerts) and achieve higher statuses which grants them privileges.

Learn more about Points, Statuses & Privileges.