First Feedback Is In

Thanks to the very useful service Feedbackarmy (10 reviews for 40 USD) we got our first feedback. Have a look at it here.

Overall, it’s quite encouraging. The concept seems to be clear to most people, esp. after we made a few tweaks to the homepage and the intro page based on the feedback we got in the first feedback round (we had two). Also, the majority sees an added value in the service which is good to hear.

Some points we’ll need to think about:

  • Worry about information overload
    This is either because potential users don’t know what happens with their emails (we won’t share them, we swear), or because they believe that joining an alert community will result in a flood of information.Regarding the latter, we need to make clearer that the reason why of the service is to prevent exactly that: it’s all about having more specific alert communities which send out less messages than other feeds, newsletters etc. We adjusted our intro page to emphasize this point.
  • Lack of inspiration for useful alert communities 
    A few people struggled to come up with alert communities which they’d be interested in personally. We’re convinced that there’s something for everybody (everybody wants to get alerted about something) so we need to think about providing users some means for inspiration. Maybe a comprehensive longlist of potential applications will do the trick? We got it on our list for a future post.
  • Opposing views on design
    While always a matter of taste of course (e.g. some users request more color on the homepage, others were fine with it) the point that the text on our homepage is too large and “punches people in the face” might be valid. We’ll think about reducing it a notch [update: done].

Feedback like this is really helpful for us. If you read this and haven’t shared your feedback yet, please do so either as comment to this post or by contacting us directly. You’ll help us to build a great product!


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