Hello Secret Code Knowers

Congratulations on getting hold on our encrypted, hard-to-remember access code (otherwise you couldn’t see this page)! [Update: We’re live now]

Please browse the site and learn how Wikilerts works, set up a few communities, report alerts, and invite your friends (who will also get access then).

Going forward we’ll be posting more about the idea behind Wikilerts, however for now we’d be very interested in hearing from you, the super-early user…

  • Is it clear to you what the service does?
  • Do you think it adds value?
  • What do you think could be improved?

Positive comments go into the public comments section, critique can be conveyed confidentially via our contact form… just kidding, all feedback is great, and should be public.

Thank you, early Wikilerters. If you like what you see please don’t forget to grow the community which will earn you points & privileges!


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  • Tom Gerr

    Interesting idea. How is it different to other alert services?

    • Wikilerts

      Thanks Tom.

      The main difference is that it’s crowdsourced, so anybody who hears about relevant information first can report an alert. This way it’s much more likely that alerts get reported than if there was just one person who has the task of sending out the alerts.

      This also means: anybody can set up alert communities without committing himself to be the one who reports alerts later. So you can just set up alerts on any topic you want to get alerted about – if there are enough other people out there who’re also interested in getting alerted about it (and join), it’s quite likely that alerts then get reported.

  • Steve Stomp

    For this to work it’s crucial to get enough people to join communities. How are you planning to reach them?

    • Wikilerts

      That’s a very good question… we try to approach it from two angles: approaching PR / Bloggers etc. who see value in the service to make them spread the word about us. Secondly, we’re setting up alert communities where there is no doubt that there are many potential members. For example: “Get alerted if Madonna publishes new tour dates” – which Madonna fan would actually not want to get alerted about this? So we post it in Madonna fangroups (Facebook etc.).

      Also, we very much believe that it’s crucial to build a viral element into the service: On Wikilerts, if you launch or join a community, you’re encouraged to invite your friends – not only to do us a favor, but to increase the value of the service to you (the more members, the more likely alerts will be reported quickly).

      If you have any other ideas – we’d really be interested in hearing them!