Wikilerts’ sources of inspiration

Although the way Wikilerts works isn’t complex, understanding new concepts can be facilitated by drawing parallels to exising services (esp. to those which inspired Wikilerts).

Those are mainly the following three (great!) services:

  • Wikipedia showing how to tap the most powerful source of information there is – “everybody”
  • IFTTT as a super-easy-to-use alert tool
  • Twitter demonstrating the power of “keeping it short”

So although the service is still tiny (in terms of users) at least conceptually Wikilerts is standing on the shoulders of giants 😉

In any case, Wikilerts aims to contribute something new:

  • While Wikipedia is a great resource to read existing information, it doesn’t offer the feature to get alerted if something new happens (future information)
  • IFTTT is machine-driven and based on automatic processes, while most alerts still need to come from humans (the algorithm alerting users only when they want still needs to be discovered)
  • Twitter = Information overload. Wikilerts aims to be the opposite – only get alerted for the things you’re really interested in.

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